How To Access WiFi Hermosa Beach

Access Area:

In Phase I of the Hermosa Beach Internet signal deployment, 9 access point/nodes will be placed up and down Pier Ave with coverage extending to 35% of the land area in the city, allowing users with line of sight of these elevated antenna locations to access service. Those outside this initial area can also tap into the signal if they have line of sight to City Hall. The commercial areas of Pier Ave, along with City Hall and the Library will be “lit up.”

We'll put up a map with reception areas in the next few weeks.


You will need a laptop computer with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter (like Intel Centrino or Apple PowerBooks); or an accessory Wi-Fi PC Card. You can also install a PCI Wi-Fi adapter into your desktop computer, with an antenna to pick up the signal. Some handheld computers (Palm and PocketPC) are available equipped with Wi-Fi.

WiFi Hermosa Beach supports the following standards:

There is more specific information available in the support section of this site.

For more information about Wi-Fi checkout the Wireless World at


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